• Mental Health Counseling Licensure Changes
    A small window of opportunity exists to pursue a career as a Mental Health Counselor under existing licensure rules.
  • Largest MBA Programs in Massachusetts
    Our MBA program was recognized by the Boston Business Journal as one of the Largest MBA Programs in Massachusetts. Our program moved up from #19 last year to #17 in 2017!
  • Our School of Education students achieved 100% pass rate!
    Cambridge College graduates of MEd Initial Licensure programs successfully completed ALL Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licenses (MTELs).
  • Black History Month Discussion
    Cambridge College hosted a panel discussion called "Expressions of an Injured Nation" on Feb. 24.
  • Women for Colombia Foundation
    The Women for Colombia Foundation, led by Isabel Londoño Polo, an active leader in the field of education and civil society in Colombia visited Cambridge College and participated in a Lunch Panel Session.
  • MBA students meet with The Psychological Center CEO
    Cambridge College’s student-run consulting group is working on the strategic plan for a local nonprofit organization.
  • CC named as a Best School for Latinos
    Latino Leaders Magazine identified the top 50 best colleges in the U.S. for Latinos. Only two schools in Massachusetts made the grade.

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Apr 12 2017 - 6:00pm
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Student News
Belinda Willis (CAGS '12 and EdD ’16) has been selected as one of five finalists for District Teacher of the year in Richland One District, Columbia, SC. An advisee of Dr. Bridwell, Belinda stated, “It is mainly because of the quality education that I received through Cambridge College, coupled with the research I performed for my dissertation study that allowed me this great opportunity!” She continued, “Thank you to Dean Wright and my Cambridge family for your great expertise. Know that it is paying off in monumental ways!” We congratulate Belinda on this great achievement and wish her much success!
Opportunity to Help CC
If you subscribe to the Boston Globe, you can use your free GRANT voucher to help us get free ad space in the paper. Simply choose Cambridge College as your charity of choice through the link below. Thanks in advance for helping us in our mission to provide excellent, cost-effective education to a diverse population of working adults for whom those opportunities may have been limited or denied.
Alumni Spotlight
I am an adult and a victim of co-worker bullying at my job site. I know your column usually addresses bullying with children. But I had to write to you because I am at my wit's end with what to do. I am afraid my husband and children are starting to feel my pain. I dread going to work, knowing what is waiting for me. It is difficult feeling like the office outcast, having to deal with the demeaning attitudes and other co-workers not wanting to socialize with me....