Cambridge, MA

Cambridge is where the College established its roots over 40 years ago and where our headquarters still reside today. It is in this location, with an eye towards serving a unique demographic of adult learners, that our flexible evening, weekend and intensive class schedules were developed.  We are proud to offer graduate degree programs in education, management, counseling and psychology, many of which lead to licensure and certification. Undergraduate degrees are also offered in human services, management, and multidisciplinary studies.

To see all the programs offered in our Cambridge location, visit the Cambridge College - Cambridge website.

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The following services are offered at our main office at 1000 Massachusetts Avenue:


Dedicated to helping you find a way to achieve your academic goals. We’d be happy to help you:

  • Learn more about our flexible degree programs
  • Discover the ways that Cambridge College can help you earn a degree
  • Complete your application and financial aid paperwork

Contact information: 1-800-829-4723

Office of Student Affairs

To help make your transition to college an enjoyable one, our Student Services team will help you:

  • Register for classes
  • Address questions regarding financial aid and payment
  • Obtain academic support through tutoring or disability services

Contact information: / 617-873-0470

Academic Services

With a focus on successful degree completion, our Academic Counselors will provide essential guidance, resources and answers to help you along the way.

  • Academic Advising
  • Degree Completion
  • Academic Partnerships

Contact information: / 617-873-0185

Business Office  

The Business Office manages the College’s operations, event logistics, finances, and facilities, and can assist you to:

  • Answer questions about facility utilization
  • Address any operational concerns
  • Coordinate special requests for rooms or public events

Contact information: / 617-873-0656

Location and Directions

There are currently two sites for Cambridge College in the city of Cambridge:

  • 1000 Massachusetts Avenue –The main headquarters for the College is located midway between Cambridge landmarks Harvard and Central Square, and is publicly accessible via the Redline T stops at both locations as well as via local bus service. The School of Education, the School of Undergraduate Studies, and the School of Psychology and Counseling are located in this building.
  • 17 Monsignor O’Brien Highway – The School of Management is located at the intersection of Museum Way and Monsignor O’Brien Highway, directly across the street from Boston’s Museum of Science, within 5 minute walking distance from the Science Park Green line T Station.

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