Department Chair, Educational Leadership, Advanced Studies, and Strategic Initiatives Job Description

General Description

Cambridge College, Graduate School of Education is seeking an inaugural chair for the newly created Department of Educational Leadership, Advanced Studies, & Strategic Initiatives. The department will house all programs specific to educator preparation of school leaders in P-12 (e.g., supervisors/directors, principals, and superintendents), the Interdisciplinary Studies program, and Summer Institutes. The Chair will also have oversight of School of Education partnerships with school districts and strategic initiatives and serve as the School of Education’s liaison for the EdD program.

The Department Chair will report directly to the dean and serve as a central member of the School of Educations Leadership Team. Responsibilities include oversight and coordination of all departmental matters, including course staffing and scheduling specific to the department; program development, review, and accreditation; recruitment and enrollment; faculty development and supervision; hiring of adjuncts; support for students and department alumni; and the direct supervision of two School of Education personnel assigned to the Department.


As inaugural chair, the primary responsibility is to ensure the academic integrity of all programs housed within the department and to build continuity and unity at the department level aligned with campus strategic initiatives and directions for academic affairs. The Chair will:

  • Serve on the dean’s Leadership Team and be primarily responsible for working with the dean to ensure the implementation of strategic directions supportive of the unit’s commitment to students, academic excellence, and promise of affordability to students and candidates;
  • Assist Academic Enrollment and Marketing team efforts for the effective support of prospective and new students from application to registration;
  • Work with the Pre-Practicum/Practicum Coordinator to develop, implement, and maintain an effective system for candidates enrolled in licensure programs;
  • Work with program leaders to develop, implement , and maintain effective systems supportive of student success;
  • Work with the dean, leadership team, and College personnel to assist returning students;
  • Serve as the dean’s designee for meetings specific to programs and initiatives specific to the department.
  • Represent the department at Open Houses, New Student Orientation, and Group Advisory Sessions;
  • Maintain effective communications with department personnel, faculty, and students; establish and lead all departmental meetings;
  • Coordinate course scheduling and staffing for the department supportive of student success;
  • Curricular oversight and development of new initiatives in collaboration with faculty and campus leaders;
  • Conduct annual evaluations of departmental personnel;
  • Recommend to the dean all faculty hiring, promotion, and professional development needs specific to the department;
  • Monitor effective implementation of state-level regulations for licensure specific programs;
  • Maintain effective oversight of department budget;
  • Serve as the dean’s designee to approve change-of-program forms for students enrolled in departmental programs;
  • Work in collaboration with campus, unit, and program leaders to facilitate student learning and the assessment of students from entry to program completion;
  • Participate in and lead efforts specific to the department’s state-level program review and possible TEAC/CAEP accreditation.
  • By 2020 increase teaching workload within the department. (Given that this is a new department, the chair will have minimal teaching responsibility initially to allow time and flexibility responsive to department-level needs in preparation for a 2018 state-level program review.)
  • Other duties as assigned.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Knowledge of Massachusetts Licensure processes for supervisors/directors, principals, and superintendent, Massachusetts Performance Assessment for Leaders (MA PAL), higher education provider endorsement process, state-level program review, Title II reporting, and accreditation; Moodle, curriculum development and approval processes in higher education;
  • Ability to lead complex change in a diverse setting.
  • Ability to work effectively with faculty, administrators, and educational leaders in P-12.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Ability to develop and evaluate programs in higher education, and teach effectively within higher education settings, including online.
  • Ability to work effectively with adult learners.


  • Doctorate in Educational Leadership or other related field;
  • Previous administrative experience as a chair or at a comparable level in higher education;
  • Strong leadership background in pre-K-12 education with a preference for experience as a district superintendent or school principal in a turn-around school or urban district;
  • Demonstrated success or potential success for graduate-level teaching, preferably in educational administration/leadership;
  • Experience in effective supervision of faculty and staff;
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills;
  • Ability to work collaboratively with a diverse group of faculty, staff, and students.
  • Ability to enhance the department's visibility within and outside the College;
  • Record of scholarly experience desirable;
  • Understanding of state requirements for program approval and certification of candidates;
  • Knowledge of current standards in the field for educational leadership;
  • Active commitment to diversity in hiring of faculty and working with students;
  • Ability to work closely with faculty in program and curricular re-design;
  • Maintain an active role in service activities related to the program, the Graduate School of Education, and the profession at large;
  • Experience working with cohort delivery models;
  • Earned doctorate from an accredited institution in an education-related area;
  • University teaching experience;
  • Leadership experience in P-12, preferably in turn-around situations and urban settings.

Qualified candidates must either have faculty status at Cambridge College or submit the following as a part of their application for consideration as faculty:

  • CV
  • 3 letters of recommendations
  • Official documentation of transcripts for the highest degree earned (e.g., EdD or PhD)

Preferred Qualifications

  • Certification either as a principal or superintendent, preferably in MA
  • Leadership experience specific to department's programs.
  • Administrative experience in higher education.
  • Familiarity with the EdD as a professional doctorate, MA licensure endorsement processes for school leaders, and TEAC/CAEP accreditation.


To apply, please forward cover letter and resume to